Organizing Committee

IMO Jury and Organization Committee were headed in various years by such famous scientists as Academicians of the RAS A.L.Bucachenko, Yu.A. Zolotov, P.D.Sarkissov, Professor Yu.A. Ustynyuk.

From 1997 till present time the Organization Committee of the Olympiad is headed by Academician of the RAS, Professor, Doctor of chemical sciences, Dean of Chemical Faculty of Lomonosov MSU V.V.Lunin.
From 2002 till present time, the Chairman of the Methodological Committee and the International Jury of the IMO is Professor of MSU V.G.Nenaidenko.
The composition of the Organization Committee and the Methodological Committee of the IMO includes scientists of Lomonosov MSU as well as famous scientists of leading institutes of higher education and chemistry teachers of comprehensive schools of participating countries. The composition of the Methodological Committee of the IMO includes students and postgraduate students, who are former champions and prize winners of Mendeleyev Olympiads, which allows upholding traditions and ensures the continuity for years ahead.
The IMO is held at the cost of sponsor’s funds. During the last ten years, a material portion of expenses is covered by governments of IMO hosting countries.